Cygnet’s top 5 blogs of the year

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Inspired by Mining Journal’s review of its most read articles of 2020, we’ve decided to take a look back at our most read blogs of the year. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the article announcing the launch of the Board Rigid white paper (Is the current composition of boards stifling the effectiveness of mining companies?), attracted the greatest attention after it was featured in the Financial Times and received a great deal of support from Women in Mining. 

The paper, written by Sapna Gill, analysed the composition of 686 mining company boards in terms of diversity and fresh talent and found them wanting. With 18 recommendations, the paper seeks to help mining companies make their boards more effective.   

Dan Smith’s monthly commodity market reports are consistently widely read (his October update was our fourth most popular read) but his substantial analysis of copper as a driver of mining employment attracted more readers than any of them 

Dan’s more recent piece on Metal Megatrends leading up to 2035 and incorporating analysis of emerging Megacities is catching up but has yet to break into the top five.  

The announcement of our restructured leadership team and the formation of the Swann Group was our third most-read column. We sometimes wonder about how interested people might be in what might be considered “parish news” so it is gratifying to find it was of interest. We also greatly appreciated the kind comments everyone involved received. 

It is fitting then, that as our founder John Murray moves into an advisor and consultant role as part of our restructuring, his insightful piece on the future of HR in mining, written at the beginning of the year, completes our top five most-read blogs of the year. 

Into 2021

Our researchers and consultants are in the process of preparing further articles and white papers for the first quarter of 2021.  We shall, of course, continue to provide regular commodity market updates and hope to develop further research papers, occasionally in partnership with other organisations than can provide specialist insights and expertise. 

Do let us know if there is any topic you would like us to explore and remember that you can now find all our white papers in one place on the Swann Group website

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