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Cygnet Commodity Market Update February 2022

Energy markets bounce back at the start of 2022, with volatility set to continue Commodities [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update, January 2022

Last year saw a significant boom in commodity prices, but the final quarter saw this [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Review 2021 and look ahead to 2022

Dan Smith reflects on the commodity markets in 2021 and dares to look ahead to [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update – November 2021

October proved to be another volatile month for financial markets and commodities, as traders and [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update October 2021

Energy prices surge in Q3, but China concerns overshadow metal markets After a solid start [...]

Energy price spike triggers doubts about energy transition

Recent months have seen a surge in coal and natural gas prices, both key components [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update September 2021

Commodity Market Update September 2021: Commodity prices diverge, as China gets serious about tackling climate [...]

Mining and Society Part 4 – Mining’s relationship with nations

In the latest of his series of blogs about mining's relationship with society, John Murray [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update August 2021

Commodity prices regain lost ground, despite weak signals from China After a brief wobble in [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update, July 2021

China wants lower commodity prices, but it faces a dilemma  Recent weeks have seen a [...]