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Megacities and Metal Megatrends 2035 – White Paper

In our latest white paper, Metal megatrends and megacities - Where will we be in [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update, October 2020

Covid makes a comeback, but this time is different The third quarter proved to be [...]

Swann Group announces restructured leadership team

Swann Group has announced changes to its leadership team as part of the Group’s transition [...]

Cygnet Commodity Markets Update, September 2020

Dan Smith presents his monthly review of the commodity markets with particular reference to the [...]

Commodity markets are boosted by a speculative wave

There was a strong rally in the commodity markets in July, in many cases building [...]

White Paper: Macroeconomic drivers of mining employment – Part 1: Copper

Copper prices have rallied in recent months, suggesting that the mining cycle is starting to [...]

Commodities: Reasons to be cheerful

The past few months have seen many commodity markets rally strongly from their recent lows, [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update, July 2020

Commodity prices lifted by supply cuts and China demand surge The past three months have [...]

A view from China – Employment predicted to remain at pre-lockdown levels

As countries around the world reel under the impact of Covid-19 on their economies and [...]

Cygnet Commodity Market Update, June 2020

Commodity markets rally as the world economy pulls out of its slump May saw bullish [...]